We’ve diligently built an organization that makes us proud.


Kawa is an alternative asset manager focused on providing outstanding value to its investors. We are patient and disciplined in our investment approach, skeptical of consensus and driven by a passion to consistently do better.

Core Values

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    We strive to be honest with our investors, and objective about what we do.

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    We do not take anyone's word for it. We find niches where our idea of value generates attractive risk/reward for our clients. We are intentional in our actions. We strive to deliver our best in everything that we do.

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    We are not driven by consensus. We do not invest based on fads or trends.

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    We work hard to make better decisions each day. We are rigorous and uncompromising.

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    We are an independent firm and not bound to others; we are not beholden to a corporate parent and have the freedom to do what we believe will bring the greatest value to our investors and clients.

Kawa by the Numbers

Since inception in 2007 our aim has remained constant: to deliver competitive risk-adjusted returns to our investors while maintaining our commitment to transparency, capital preservation and our core principles.

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Our Approach

At Kawa, we keep the formula simple: be reasonable, make decisions with clear focus and good judgment, and do the work ourselves to ensure that the products we create add value for our investors and clients.


    We strive to add value to our investors and clients by searching for attractive investment opportunities. This principle drives our decisions on where to invest, how a product should be designed, and how we raise capital. We match products to investors’ interests and remain aligned by co-investing alongside them.

  • Analysis & Research

    At our core, we are skeptics, wary of what we do not know. That drives us to work hard, doing research and fundamental analysis in-house and not taking anyone's word for it. We are steadfast in our views and in our ability to assign value to risk. Within our framework, we build investments from the bottom up, focusing on capital preservation as a hallmark of our investment philosophy.


    When we determine that an opportunity has an attractive risk-reward potential, we strive to negotiate terms with the goal of minimizing the downside and maximizing upside potential for our clients. We employ the expertise of our experienced investments, operations and legal teams to structure and underwrite. We aim to be disciplined about running efficient and streamlined processes that are ethical and straightforward.


    We are diligent in monitoring all of our active investments, both liquid and illiquid - ensuring we are on top of emerging events, risks and circumstances related to those positions or assets. We are actively attuned to our investments until we exit the trade or deal.

  • EXIT

    We are focused on providing great outcomes for our clients and investors, and when conditions change such that the initial risk-reward analysis has shifted, we look to efficiently exit, striving to maximize the appropriate risk-weighted return for our investors.


Firmwide AUM Growth