Introducing Kawa

We are an alternative asset manager focused on providing outstanding value to clients and investors.

We are patient and disciplined in our investment approach, skeptical of consensus and driven by a passion to consistently do better.

Disciplined in our Approach

We craft highly curated alternative investments, in an efficient streamlined process.

We provide investors and clients with real-time access to information about their portfolios.

Transparency & Integrity

We strive to be transparent and straightforward, working closely with our investors and clients.

We are frank about risks and rewards, openly share our expertise and investment details, and regularly report to our investors. We put our advisory clients first and align ourselves with our clients and investors by co-investing with them.

Creative Thinkers, Diligent Investors

We are not asset gatherers; we put money to work when there are real opportunities.

We have an old-school approach to investing capital, remaining focused and true to our core principle of helping you build a well-defined alternatives portfolio.